Concrete Staining & Overlays

Concrete Staining & OverlaysToday, concrete has become a very popular material for use in outdoor spaces as well as indoor ones. It’s an extremely versatile material that has become a major trend in the interior designing space. There was a time when this material was considered to be very plain and boring; some also called it very “industrial” looking.

However with advancement in technology and different types of finishes available, concrete is now considered to be a very elegant and stylish material for flooring installations.

Concrete staining provides design flexibility

Trademark CRI LLC is a company that has been operating in this space for a number of years and in this time, we have handled a large number of Concrete Staining projects in and around Lutz, Largo, Land O Lakes, Holiday and Clearwater. The range of finishes available in this material, give us the design flexibility to create the kind of look our customers want. Many of our customers across Bayonet Point, Brandon, East Lake, Dunedin and Keystone have recently asked us to handle concrete flooring installation for them on their residential properties.

The concrete staining process shouldn’t be mistaken for painting or coating. In the staining technique, acid stains that are a mix of metallic salt, water & hydrochloric acid are used on the concrete floor. They react with the lime on the concrete surface and provide a glossy and attractive finish in the color of your choice. Sometimes this process is also referred to as acid staining.

Concrete Staining - The Benefits

Concrete Staining & OverlaysIt’s not the acid which produces the final coloring. The oxidation process that takes place between the metallic salts and the calcium creates this effect. There are a number of benefits to staining concrete flooring, such as:

  • Variety of designs - As there are a number of coloring materials that you can choose from, such as saw-cutting techniques, water-based stains, solvent dyes and color washes; we are able to provide our customers with endless design options.

  • Versatile - As mentioned earlier, these surfaces are very versatile and stained concrete floors can be used in residential, industrial as well as commercial spaces too

  • Anti-allergic - Since concrete stains create a layer above the flooring, it repels mildew & moss. It also doesn’t allow dust to accumulate on the surface and this helps keep allergies at bay.

Concrete Overlays - Range Of Finishes

It is low maintenance and concrete staining cost is very reasonable too. In addition to concrete staining, we also provide excellent concrete overlay services. This overlay is a thin coat which is applied to worn concrete surface. These are an excellent choice in restoration and beautification work. The broom finish overlay gives your outdoor concrete flooring a new lease of life and these surfaces can be stamped, smooth-finished, troweled or sprayed. There are very distinct application methods for each of these and they are available in forms including microtops, stamp-mixes and re-surfacers.

When you choose to get Concrete Staining and Overlays from us, you are assured of the highest quality materials and finishes. For more information, call Trademark CRI LLC at 813-854-3888 or simply request for a free estimate using this form. You can also contact us via this request info form for a free consultation and references and we'll call you soon to discuss your specific project requirements.