Flexible Safety Surfacing

Flexible Safety Surfacing

Flex Surface, the durable, seamless rubber flooring, applies the latest rubber surfacing technology to pool decks, patios, walk- ways, and high-traffic commercial and manufacturing areas. European in concept, Flex surface is created of granulated 100% raw virgin rubber, instead of recycled rubber waste products. The qualities of genuine natural rubber make a Flex surface more resilient and easier on the feet, and more resistant to normal outdoor fading. Flex surface offers these benefits too:

Flexible Safety Surfacing
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Flexible Safety Surfacing
  • Crack-Resistant - Flex surface stays elastic, so it never cracks like concrete; expands over sub-surface cracks up to 1/4".

  • Long Lasting - Will not lift up, peel or buckle; reduces repair expenses.

  • Custom-Tailored - Trowels easily around support beams, railings, access plates, benches, and other surface features to provide a unique, customized continuous surface.

  • Porous - Filtration enables Flex to be applied over deco, drain to facilitate normal draining.

  • Skid Resistant - A safer surface even when wet; reduces chances of accident and injury.

  • Installs Quickly - Usually takes just one day to trowel depending on size of project, another day to dry; installed by a trained professional.

  • Impact Reducing - Resilience softens impact on bare feet, and dramatically reduces glass breakage of drink bottles and other glass containers.

  • Cool/Comfortable - Cooler than concrete, stone, wood, etc. on feet and for sunbathers; reduces heat level at poolside.

  • Decorative Colors - A variety of rich colors and shades match the decor of any home or commercial area.

Flex surface covers any problem surface
Flexible Safety Surfacing - ColorFlex surface virgin rubber gran-ules are mixed and applied with a high tech binder at the site. Flex surface trowels into existing cracks, chips and erosions to create an incredibly smooth surface. Every application is a hand-crafted job, with no noisy mechanical mixers or other equipment to disrupt business or pleasure. And with no damage to lawn or landscaping due to heavy equipment.

Flex surface bonds to almost any solid substrate material - concrete, wood, stone, tile, brick, steel, fiberglass or asphalt.

Then after it cures, Flex sur-face retains its natural elasticity to expand or contract with tern - perature changes and ground settling.

Flexible Safety Surfacing
Here's where we can trowel on the quality of a Flex Surface
A Flex surface is a high-tech solution for many applications:

Swimming pool decks and patios, walkways, ramps and running tracks, entryways or any other high-traffic pedestrian areas.

A Flex surface is ideal for amusement parks, family attractions, water theme parks, hotel public areas, shopping mall floors, maintenance and manufacturing areas. And its custom-troweled application makes Flex surface fit stairways, risers, contoured surfaces, curved walkways or any other unique surface areas.

Flexible Safety Surfacing

Flexible Safety Surfacing

Flexible Safety Surfacing
Flex Surface is easy to maintain too
Flex surface is stain-resistant. just clean up spills immediately with soap and water. In case a Flex surface is ever damaged, profes- sional installation specialists simply remove the damaged area and integrate a new Flex surface into the existing flooring.

Also available in a variety of heights and colors for safety surface applications
More and more contractors, homeowners and architects are specifying Flex to replace concrete, stone, tile or synthetic surfacing as the natural, more attractive alternative to complement today's taste and lifestyles.

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Take a close look at Flex. You'll see how it can cover your surfacing needs with more resilience, durability and natural beauty for years to coms.