Paver Clean & Seal

Paver Clean & SealToday, many residential properties across Lutz, Largo, Land O Lakes, Holiday and Clearwater sport paving stones on their driveways, pathways, walkways, entranceways, outdoor kitchen areas, poolscapes etc. Pavers are an extremely versatile material that looks amazing in any outdoor space. What makes them perfect for these areas is that they are hardy and durable, low maintenance and cost-effective too. In addition, since they are installed on compacted sand, the process is faster and these interlocking units are easy to replace in case any damage occurs to them.

Whilst it’s important to get an experienced company like Trademark CRI LLC to handle the paver design and installation work, it’s even more important to ensure that these features are maintained well as this adds to their longevity. We also provide customized Paver Clean and Seal services. This is a very essential service and we provide it to a number of clients across Bayonet Point, Brandon, East Lake, Dunedin and Keystone too.

Since pavers are exposed to the elements, dust, excess wear & tear, foot and vehicular traffic as well as oil stains etc, its important that they be protected well. Paver sealing is an expert’s job in which we seal all the paved surfaces with a specialized sealant. This creates an invisible barrier on the surface on the paving stones and protects it from all the things we just talked about.

The Paver Clean and Seal Process

Paver Clean & Seal
  • When you call us with your brick paver cleaning requirement, we send out an expert to your location
  • He will assess the scope of the work and ascertain whether just a clean and seal job is sufficient.
  • In case he finds that the sand in between the pavers has come loose, he may ask you to get sanding done for certain spots too
  • You will then be provided with a quote
  • Once you have approved it, we will start on the job as scheduled
  • This is typically a 2-day task. On the 1st day, we will action a chemical wash
  • After this we use high-pressure cleaning on all the natural paving stones to get rid of all the dirt and debris, rust or oil stains etc
  • On the 2nd day, after the surface has dried completely, a specialized paver sealant will be sprayed over all these areas
  • Based on the condition and need, we may spray 1-2 coats of the sealant
  • You are able to use the surface after a couple of hours

When You Need to Have Your Pavers Sealed?

If you want to figure out whether your pavers need to be sealed, just do a simple test. Turn on the water hose and see if it beads up on the paved surfaces. If it doesn’t bead, you might require a fresh coat of sealant. Typically, if the job is handled expertly, the sealant job should last for 1 and a half to 2 years. This is also dependent on how well you have cared for the paved surface.

For more information about our specialized Paver Clean and Seal services, call Trademark CRI LLC at 813-854-3888 or simply request for a free estimate using this form. You can also contact us via this request info form for a free consultation and references and we'll call you soon to discuss your specific project requirements.